Our Leadership

J. D. Charlot was born to the parentage of the late, Mark & Jeri Charlot in Houston, TX. A child prodigy, at the age of 2 Charlot began preaching, laying hands/baptizing on the family dogs. At the age of 5, Charlot preached his first church sermon publicly and began to hold services in his back yard in the after school in the summer months. The neighbors would sit in the back yard and listen to the fiery and convicting messages. From then on, he became an evangelist of great renown beginning in his early days as a “boy preacher”; featured on Gospel 1360 with the late “Skipper Lee” Frazier who gave him his first job as a Funeral Attendant in his funeral home. Before the age of 15 he  had crossed state lines preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
A 4th Generation Pentecostal, his spiritual heritage was developed in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. where he was filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. He was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and joined The Original Glorious Church of Houston, TX under the leadership of the late, Mother Naomi Preston and went on to serve Praise Cathedral Original Glorious Church under the leadership of Pastor Davis.  He has also served on staff at Apostolic Tabernacle UPCI under the leadership of Dr. Lester Roch, which afforded him broad opportunities and extensive training in Leadership and Church Development.
Officially Licensed at 10 & Ordained as Elder at 12; J. D. Charlot has had the opportunity to minister and serve as a Prophetic Voice in several churches across the nation as a National Evangelist and was subsequently appointed District Elder & National Youth President in 2014, at the time making him the youngest District Elder in the Apostolic Faith. He also founded two churches, Citadel of Praise Apostolic Church in Austin, Texas in 2011, and Powerhouse of Deliverance Church in Houston, Texas in 2014 and serves as General Overseer of the General Council of the Powerhouse of Deliverance Assemblies.
In April 2017, he was joined in holy matrimony to his beautiful wife, Elect-Lady Latosha Charlot. Lady Charlot also preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were blessed with the birth of their first born daughter, Little Miss Jael D. Charlot.

Elect-Lady Latosha Charlot is the leading lady at Life Tabernacle of Winston-Salem, N.C.  She is married to Overseer J. D. Charlot and is the mother of Jael Daisy Charlot.
Lady Charlot born to Rocky Pacley (deceased) & Minister Sheronda Stovall in Erie, Pennsylvania. She was baptized in Jesus Name under the leadership of Bishop Asa Jones at the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Erie, PA and received the Holy Ghost in Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church in Durham, NC. Her ministry gift was cultivated and developed under the leadership of The Honorable, Bishop Jerry Meadows at the Apostolic House of Deliverance. She was commissioned as an Elect-Lady under the leadership of her husband, Overseer J. D. Charlot.
Lady T, as their ministry affectionately calls her, compassionately serves as a midwife in coaching and mentoring women to tap into their Divine purpose. She serves as the Director of their church’s Women’s Ministry, in which is called, “The Daughters of Zion”. She ministers with both spiritual and practical tools to awaken the potential inside each woman.
Alongside her husband, Lady T handles her obligation to serve in ministry with superb devotion.